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As a digital product manager, and someone who works in the software industry, I think it’s a cheap and lazy position to blame social media for our problems, and it’s time we think a bit harder.

Social media is largely a mirror to the human experience. Sure it makes communication more efficient, but is that itself a bad thing?

Let’s talk about the line these companies are forced to walk while their people are shooting for progress. And that is what social media is: progress. …

The Roomba drones along the floor.

Should we stay or should we go?

I lift my feet to let it slide by. I’ve just come up from a cigarette out on the street where I met a man who didn’t look homeless, but didn’t seem quite right, either. He came right up and asked me for a light. By instinct I reached for the lighter inside my pocket. He said,

“Thanks man, the guy before you was too afraid to come near.”

I reflexively held up the lighter for him to borrow, but then cupped my hands and lit his…

Brian Fischman

New Yorker now Florida Husband, Digital Product Manager, Columbia Alum, and Labrador Retriever Dad.

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